Accreditation 2017

By the decision of the meeting of the Accreditation Council  of the Independent Kazakhstani agency on providing the quality of education of 9 December 2017 the Eurasian Humanities Institute was acknowledged as having passed specialized accreditation for the period of 5 years.

In accordance with the Eurasian standards and guidelines for providing quality (ESG) the following educational programmes are accredited:

  • 5В010200 – «Pedagogy and methods of primary education»
  • 5В010300 – «Pedagogy and Psychology»
  • 5В011400 – «History»
  • 5В030100 – «Jurisprudence»
  • 5В050900 – «Finance»

We congratulate the teachers and students of the Eurasian humanities institute on the deserved success and high appreciation of our team work!

Conscientious work and responsible attitude to the work in the process of preparation for the accreditation became the pledge of completing an important stage. We are proud of our students who have demonstrated good knowledge and most importantly – discipline and high responsibility in the course of preparation for the accreditation expertise!

We wish the teaching staff and the whole collective and the students new achievements, creative success in the professional and educational activity!