«Clean session»

At the Eurasian Humanities Institute there were developed, demonstrated and successfully realized corresponding anti-corruption measures, different approaches, forms and methods in the formation of the anti-corruption mentality of the participants of the educational process, positive perception of the legal knowledge on the issues of the juridical responsibility for committing legal violations of the corruptive character and also the active civilian position towards propaganda of the active and modern models of the legal culture, the rightful and socially useful behavior.

The policy of the Institute on observing academic inegrity and countering corruption is realized according to different directions. In particular, there is a headquarters on the organization and holding the action “Clean session” at the Institute.

During the summer session the Committee on the youth affairs of the EAGI, the student parliament and the student anti-corruption club «Саналы ұрпақ» held the action “Clean session” among the students of the EAGI academic groups. The main aim of the action is countering corruption, strengthening the measures directed to the effective and active prevention of corruption in the system of higher education and also creation of the atmosphere of rejection, condemnation and censure of any corruption manifestation.