Discussion of the issues of academic integrity at the international level

On 1 June 2021 Vice-rector on the educational work Ospanova Ya.N. took part in the on-line work of the round table within the project “Academic integrity” organized by the autonomous educational organization “Nazarbayev University”. The agenda of the event included the following issues: the study of the experience of the academic integrity in the universities, considering the problems connected with the academic integrity during the pandemic COVID-19, the study of the advanced methods of transforming the problems and possibilities and also suggestion of the new approaches to the leadership of the students in this context. The experts from academic and professional associations of Australia, Great Britain, the USA, Kazakhstan discussed the regional and global experience of integrity and research opportunities, emphasized the role of integrity after the studies, and the famous employers explained why they rely on the integrity at work.

This round table became the first among the regular events directed to further development of the association of the scientists, professionals and the students interested in academic and professional integrity.