Nursultan Ershuov

Dreams come true!

A number of  world-class  awards  are not only our achievement with the  coach, but also they are the merits of my teachers who were helping and supporting   me in the preparation  and participation in  different competitions , rendered the  moral and spiritual support  during  my students’ years in EAGI. These people realize and appreciate all the efforts and hard work of sportsmen,  they   sincerely believe  in you and they are the  people to rely on and they are great advisors at the same time.

I would like to wish all the staff of this institute  long time to live, good health and all earthly blessings.

Nursultan Ershuov, 
Master of Law, World-class athlete, World champion in jiu – jitsu, 
Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in kick – boxing ,
the champion of Kazakhstan in hand-to-hand fighting ,
the winner of the championship of Kazakhstan in Pankration