On the Agenda there is a Meeting of the Committee on the Youth Affairs

On 10-th February 2021, the first online meeting of the activists of the Committee on the Youth Affairs was held. Shakenova Ainur, the Chairperson of the CYA, addressed the students and represented the leaders of different clubs and circles to the freshmen.

The students of the 3-rdand 4-thcourses, the graduate and the vice leader of the dance ensemble “Ayala” Zhumagulova Madina, the leader of the social club  «Zhas Qanat» Karim Islam and  the leader of the vocal ensemble Kaskenov Yerasyl  hanked the Institute administration, the teaching staff, the Committee on the Youth Affairs for giving the opportunity to realize their interests and dreams in different activities. The students of senior courses wished the freshmen to preserve the Institute traditions and to take an active part in the student community.

There were also discussed the issues connected with different aspects of the members of the CYA and their further plans for the spring semester.