Question to Rector

Question: Good afternoon. I am a 3-rd year student. I want to get vaccinated against coronavirus. How can I do this?

Reply: Good afternoon. You can get vaccinated in some places:

· Policlinic in the region where you live;
· Vaccination place no matter where you live.

Vaccination places are situated in trade centers, markets. But you should phone beforehand. If you want to get vaccinated in the policlinic, you should register beforehand there.

· Through the mobile supplement Damumed: to make an appointment with the local doctor in the personal cabinet and to point out the aim is getting vaccinated against covid;
· By telephone;
· Through the site of the electronic government.

As soon as the local doctor registers the patient in the schedule of vaccination there will be sent the SMS-message to the personal number of the patient with the date, time and place of vaccination. When coming to get vaccinated you must have the identification card.