About the on-line Olympiad

In December 2020 the students of the educational program 5В030100-«Jurisprudence» took part in the Republican on-line Olympiad devoted to the International Day of fighting against corruption on the discipline: “Legal basics of anti-corruption” among the students of higher educational establishments of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This Olympiad was held by the Kazakh national university named after Al-Farabi together with the Agency of RK on anti-corruption and the Republican project office «Sanaly urpaq».

According to the results of the two tours of the Olympiad the student of the 3-rd course of the educational program: 5В030100-«Jurisprudence» Beghimtayeva Anar was awarded a diploma in the nomination “Originality” for the video-clip on the theme: “Formation and Development of Principles of Integrity as the Basis of Anti-corruption”. The supervisor is Kanafina G.A.,the senior teacher of the Department of law disciplines.

Congratulations on the award and wishing further success!