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Newspaper of the Eurasian Humanities Institute “Жас ұрпақ”

The Eurasian Humanities Institute informs that in accordance with point 17 of clause 47 of the Law of RK “About Education” the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who were enrolled to the pedagogical and medical specialties on the basis of the state educational order are obliged to work in the state bodies of education and the state bodies of health care for not less than three years after having graduated from the establishments of higher and (or) post-graduate education.

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«Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages»
«The Kazakh Language and Literature»
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«Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education» (Work programs)
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«Foreign language: two foreign languages»
«The Kazakh Language and Literature»
«Pedagogy and psychology
«Pedagogy and methodology of primary education»

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