About EAGI

Training in EAGI gives an opportunity to receive the prestigious and demanded full time and part time education and also the reduced terms on the Bachelor degree specialties: Preschool Education and Training; Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education; Pedagogy and Psychology; History; The Kazakh Language and Literature; Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages; Translation Studies; Jurisprudence; Finance.

At the Institute there work 120 highly-qualified teachers including 13 Doctors of Science and Professors,55 Candidates of Science, Docents; the teachers who had the periods of training in the USA, Great Britain, Germany and Russia; specialists-administrators working in the President’s Administration, in the Parliament, in the Constitutional Counsel, in the Ministry of Justice, in the Committee of the Customs Control of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the educational institutions of the country.

The Eurasian Humanities Institute has its own innovational potential. At present the Institute scientists have prepared and are realizing the following projects in various fields of science:

  • psychological accompanying of educating and developing the children-orphans;
  • psychological aspects of the social adaptation of the children-orphans and the children left without the care of their parents;
  • competent approach as the basis for preparing the new generation text-books;
  • historical and cultural processes in Kazakhstan (XX-XXI cc.);
  • scientific methodical provision in the pedagogical technology in the professional training of teachers;
  • monetary credit policy in providing sustainable development of Kazakhstan: theory, methodology, mechanism of realization;
  • human capital in conditions of forming gender equality in the social sphere of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • forming effective mechanisms of developing enterprise in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • methodological basis of the general educational process in teaching foreign languages;
  • urgent problems of the Kazakh and Russian philology: theory, practice, integration and perspectives.

Nowadays the Eurasian Humanities Institute is conducting the active work on the following directions:

  • professional training and retraining of the staff for the sphere of education, state and business structures;
  • training of specialists having secondary special education at the college under EAGI;
  • integration of scientific knowledge (synthesis of the subject content and methods of different sciences and scientific disciplines giving the opportunity to solve more complicated theoretical and practical problems of each separate science included in the process of integrating);
  • transition of the Institute to the world standards of quality;
  • the main direction of the Institute activities is training of competent specialists, compatible in modern conditions of professional activity.

From 2001 till 2012 the Branch of the Akmolinsky regional Institute of Advanced Training of the educational workers functioned under the Institute. For the period of its functioning 1.502 people passed further training (teachers of history, the Russian and Kazakh philology, the English and French languages, and trainers, psychologists, and military instructors, teachers of Geography and Biology in the English and Kazakh languages).

EAGI is a member of the Association of educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In May 2010 the Institute signed the Taraz Declaration. In 2014 the Eurasian Humanities Institute joined the “Kazakhstani Open Consortium”.

The Institute is in partnership relations with such higher educational establishments as: the Tyumen State University, the Smolensky State University, the Volgograd State University, the Odintsovsky Humanities Institute, the Vyatsky State Humanities University, the Perm State Humanities Pedagogical University (Russia), the Georgian National University (SEU) (Georgia), the International Academy CONCORDE (France), the International Centre of Advanced Training for the specialists of CIS countries in Dyussldorf (Germany), the Atyrau State University named after Kh. Dosmuhametov, the Karaganda State University named after Ye.A. Buketov, the Kokshetau State University named after Sh. Ualikhanov, the Karaganda Juridical Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RK, the South-Kazakhstani Pedagogical University.

For the effective management of the Institute and mobilization of the staff for the perspective development the Strategy of the development of the Eurasian Humanities Institute for 2012-2017, the Program of the educational work and youth policy of the Eurasian Humanities Institute for 2016-2020 and the Perspective Plan of the events on using and developing the state language in the Eurasian Humanities Institute for 2015-2020 were developed and are being realized. The institute has its own the Union of Young Scientists, the members of which participate in various contests and international, Republican, and interuniversity conferences and seminars.

In EAGI there are published scientific journals: “Bulletin of the Eurasian Humanities Institute”, “Reports of the Kazakh Academy of Education” included in the list of publications recommended by the Committee on the Control in the sphere of education and science of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK for publishing the results of scientific researches. In 2012 the National State Institute of Bibliography of RK awarded the scientific journals “Bulletin of EAGI”, and “Reports of KAE” the international serial standard number. The Institute publishes its own multi-copy newspaper «Жас ұрпақ», registered in the Ministry of Culture, information and public agreement in 1999.

Annually the Institute holds scientific-practical, methodological and students’ conferences, symposiums, round tables. The students take an active part in organizing and conducting the city mass – cultural and sports events.

The Institute has its own educational campus – educational buildings with all modern facilities. It has its own zone of recreation in Borovoye, the sports complex, a library and the student café. The Institute has got medical service and it provides nourishment of the students.

The Institute graduates meet the demands of the employers, many of the graduates continue their education in higher institutions of Kazakhstan and abroad.

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