Information for applicants

For 2020/2021 academic year the Eurasian Humanities Institute enrolls in training on the following directions:


6В011 — «Pedagogy and psychology» (Pedagogy and Psychology)

6В012 — «Pedagogy of Preschool Education and Training» (Preschool training and education)

6В013 — «Teacher Training without Subject Specialization» (Pedagogy and Methods of Primary education)

6В016 — «Teacher Training on Humanities Subjects» (History)

6В017 — «Teacher Training on Languages and Literature» (The Kazakh Language and Literature)

6В017 — «Teacher Training on Languages and literatureе» (Foreign Language: two foreign languages)

6В023 — «Language and literature» (Translation/Interpretation Studies)

6В041 — «Business and Management» (Finance)

6В042 — «Law» (Jurisprudence)

On all the directions the opportunity of the in-depth study of a foreign language is provided.

Special examination for the applicants on the pedagogical specialties.

Admission to study according to the groups of the educational programs of higher education requiring special training:

  • Sphere of education – «Pedagogical Sciences»
  • Implemented according to the results of a special examination.
  • Acceptance of the applicants’ documents and a special examination for getting enrolled on the sphere of education “Pedagogical Sciences” are implemented from 20-th to 24-th June 2020.

List of the documents needed for passing a special examination for admission in the sphere of education “Pedagogical Sciences”:

  1. Document about the general secondary or technical vocational, post-secondary education (original);
  2. 8 photos 3 x 4 cm;
  3. Copy of the identity card;
  4. Certificate of the UNT (if available).

Competition for awarding the educational grant of higher education

The Institute selection committee accepts applications from the applicants for participating in the competition for awarding the educational grants of higher education from 13-th July to 20-th July.

List of the documents needed for participating in the competition for awarding the educational grants of higher education:

  1. Application on the standard form;
  2. Document about education (original when giving the documents to the selected committee);
  3. Certificate of the UNT (when giving the documents to the selected committee);
  4. Medical certificate on form 086-У, approved by the order of the acting Minister of healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 23-rd November 2010 № 907 “On approval of primary medical documentation forms of healthcare organizations” (registered in the register of state registration of regulatory legal acts № 6697);
  5. Copy of the identity card.

In EAGI you can get the following benefits:

  • Two or more students from one family while studying in our Institute can get 10% tuition discount;
  • Invalids of the 1-st and 2-nd groups – and the invalids from childhood – 10%, children orphans  – 20%;
  • Each applicant can participate in the competition for awarding the educational Institute grant on the basis of the certificate about passing the unified national testing and the personal records (full-time education);
  • Flexible tuition fee system is provided, payment may be implemented in parts: monthly, quarterly, etc.

On all questions of interest you can apply to the reception commission of the institute:

+7 (7172) 56-22-00, +7 701 666 72 72, +7 701 167 89 71