Dear applicants!

The A. K. Kussayinov  Eurasian Humanities Institute (EAGI) has established itself as a reliable university, providing the labor market for many years with competent specialists who are ready to work in modern professional conditions.

It is important for us that the future of youth would be bright and reliable. The way to achieve this noble goal is to accurately choose a university that provides a transparent and high-quality education for mastering the profession of your dreams. In this regard, we are pleased to welcome applicants of 2023 within the walls of the A. K. Kussayinov  Eurasian Humanities Institute!

EAGI is a higher educational institution accredited in the capital. EAGI educational programs annually receive a positive rating from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and NCE Atameken. And also the institute has good partnership relations with universities of such states as Russia, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Estonia.

Our institute has developed education under the academic mobility program, so our students can study in Turkey, Estonia, Russia, Azerbaijan and other foreign and Kazakh universities. EAGI teaches English, French, German and Chinese.

It should be noted that EAGI is the Association of educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Central Asian Fund for management of development; it cooperates with the Kazakh Association of psychologists, Confucius Institute at ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov, the National Fund for protection of children from abuse (Moscow, Russia), the Corporate Fund “SOS Children’s villages of Kazakhstan”; supports National Volunteer Network, Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan and the Youth Parliament.

On the decision of the Expert Council of the higher Institute of Business and Management (Geneva, Switzerland), our Institute was awarded the Gold Medal for impeccable business reputation.

EAGI students are holders of the scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winners of international, republican subject Olympiads, research and various creative competitions. Many EAGI students are active participants in the volunteer movement.

The educational process in EAGI is carried out in full-time education, as well as in the form of distance education. The Institute has a Center for Distance Educational Technologies, equipped with the most modern equipment.

Currently the Institute has its own educational buildings with modern equipment, sports complex, training room, room of psychological counseling, specialized room of criminology, forensic technology laboratory, student lounge, gym, student café.

The Institute has a specialized library with reading rooms, an electronic catalogue and an online class.

The Institute provides high quality, relevant to national standards of education. The Institute employs highly qualified teachers.

Our Institute combines education, science, communication and the opportunity to try itself in a variety of spheres — from research projects to amateur performances and sport events. The EAGI students occupy the leading positions among the capital University students in various sports and creativity activities. The student self-government includes the student’s social unions, volunteering, project activity — everyone will find something for his or her taste.

Our university provides its students with all the opportunities for professional growth and personal development. Teachers, staff and leaders of student government do everything so that the years of study at EAGI leave vivid impressions of the student years as the best time in life!

Dear applicants, the A. K. Kussayinov  Eurasian Humanities Institute is waiting for you!

A. Issmayilov,
Candidate of Psychological Science, Professor