Dear applicants!

This year for many of you will be critical – you will choose an educational institution for higher professional education. The right decision will largely predetermine your future prospects and success in life and career! The path to success can and must begin at the moment when you become able to make your own decisions and assess your prospects for building a bright future.

I am glad to invite you to the Eurasian Humanities Institute — an Institute with rich traditions, qualified teaching staff, modern educational technologies and scientific research foundation, opening for students and graduates great opportunities.

It should be noted that EAGI is the member of the Association of accredited higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Association of educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Central Asian Fund for management of development; it cooperates with the Kazakh Association of psychologists, the National Fund for protection of children from abuse (Moscow, Russia), the Corporate Fund “SOS Children’s villages of Kazakhstan”; supports the activities of the Kazakhstan Association of young lawyers and the Youth Parliament.

On the decision of the Expert Council of the higher Institute of Business and Management (Geneva, Switzerland), our Institute was awarded the Gold Medal for impeccable business reputation. EAGI is a research and educational center, successfully tackles the problems of training specialists relevant to territorial and socio-economic conditions of this region.

Currently the Institute has its own educational buildings with modern equipment, sports complex, training room, room of psychological counseling, specialized room of criminology, forensic technology laboratory, student lounge, gym, student café.

The Institute has a specialized library with reading rooms, an electronic catalogue and an online class. The Institute provides high quality, relevant to national standards of education. The Institute employs highly qualified teachers, including Doctors, Candidates and Masters of Science, Professors and Docents. EAGI provides education of future specialists at the following levels of education: vocational and technical – College, higher – Institute.

For many years, the teaching staff of EAGI successfully realize their intellectual potential, professionalism and experience in training competitive highly qualified specialists, in preparing individuals with high moral and life aspirations, motives and incentives for professional work.

EAGI successfully passed the state certification for four times. Education of specialists in EAGI is aimed at solving complex tasks related to the development of harmonious personality, their education and upbringing, preparation for life in a rapidly changing modern world.

Our Institute combines education, science, communication and the opportunity to try itself in a variety of spheres — from research projects to amateur performances and sport events. The EAGI students occupy the leading positions among the capital University students in various sports and creativity activities. The student self-government includes the student’s social unions, volunteering, project activity — everyone will find something for his or her taste.

Today it is important for an applicant to understand the main thing — the necessity to go to study where he or she will have a real future! If you are talented, if you have professional and life ambitions, if you want to reveal all your abilities and to be a bright personality, then the Eurasian Humanities Institute welcomes you!

Let the study in our Institute be a successful start towards the decent future!

A. Issmayilov,
Аcting rector,
Candidate of Psychological Science, Professor