Student Parliament

Student Parliament is a single body of the student self-government. This is a peculiar form of the initiative, independent social activity of the students directed to the solution of important issues of the student activities, development of social activity and the support of useful initiatives of the student youth.

Goals and tasks of the Student Parliament work:

  • implementation of the youth policy and development of the measures on its realization;
  • establishment of the feedback of the students with the teachers’ staff and the Institute administration;
  • formation of the corporative culture of the Institute students; — assistance in realizing of socially significant youth initiatives; — direct participation in organizing the leisure time of the students, propaganda of a healthy way of life , participation in the youth educational forums, competitions, socially important projects, different student associations; — coordination of the activity of public organizations of the Institute on the issues of the realization of the youth policy, on the timely solution of the youth problems;
  • holding the events on the anti-corruption education and realization of the principles of academic honesty.