Library rules

1.  Sample Library Rules organization of higher education are developed in accordance with the provision of library organization of higher education and apply to higher education libraries, regardless of their affiliation.

2.  Sample rules regulate the procedure for organizing the general reader service of higher education institutions, the rights and duties of the library and the reader.

General rules for the use of the library

The right to use the library have students and teachers.

  1. Issuance of the literature on home made on the subscription. Do not be extradited to the house last or only copy. The literature can be used in the reading rooms without the right to removal.
  1. Entry of the readers to the library is on presentation of the document proving the identity of the reader to the organization of education: a library card is started up for daytime students. For the staff and the students of the part-time Department textbooks are issued as collateral on the identity card.
  1. The reader is given a single library card for the right to use the library and a library form is filled. When recording in the library readers get acquainted with its rules and reaffirm their commitment to the implementation of the signature in the library form.
  1. The validity of the library card is the period of education in this university.
  1. On the disposal of the institute readers return to the library for their using books and a library card.
  1. When receiving books, works of the press and other materials readers carefully look through editions and in case of detection of any defects, report this to the duty librarian, otherwise responsibility for damage of books lies on the reader who has used  them the last.
  1. Readers who violate the terms of use or causing the damage to the library, have administrative, material or criminal liability in the forms stipulated by the current legislation, the Charter and the rules of the library. For loss of books and the printed or other materials from the library collections or causing them irreparable harm by the under-age readers, the responsibility lies on their parents or guardian persons.
  1. Readers who are responsible for loss or damage of publications, replacing them with the same publications, and at impossibility of replacement compensate their real market value in the amount of 5 multiplying. The cost of lost or damaged books is set by the library Director. For the late delivery of one book, the reader is given a penalty for the restoration of two textbooks.

Terms of use subscription

On the subscription literature is given on the following dates:

1) the literature on specific subjects is granted on a term without limiting the number of books;

2) educational and methodical literature is given on the overnight loan within the prescribed period;

  1. The period of use can be prolonged due to the materials there is no demand from readers, or reduced if editions are available in one copy or in high demand.


  1. For each copy of taken edition the reader signs on the reader or book form

When returning books the reader’s library card is cancelled by the librarian signature.

  1. Part-time students are provided with the necessary literature for the intersessional period in the presence of this literature in the library in the required quantities.
  2. Literature for use in group classes issued on the subscription upon written request of the teacher.

The teacher carries responsibility for the literature obtained in group classes.

The reading room rules

  1. Issuance of books in the reading room is done on a single library card for students of full-time, for staff and students of the part-time Department textbooks are issued as collateral to identity card.
  2. The issuance of books is arranged by the reader’s signature in a receipt of each edition of books.


  1. The reader can use the library in the Institute during the working hours of the library and by a subscription for a single library ticket. The library oversees the timely returning of the literature, taken for one day.
  2. It is not allowed to enter the reading rooms with personal and library books, magazines, newspapers, publications and other printed material.
  3. Carrying the literature out of the reading room is prohibited. In case of breaking this rule the readers lose the right to use the library for a period determined by the library administration, depending on the degree of violation.

The rights and duties of the reader

  1. Readers have the right to:

1) have free access to the main types of library and information services provided by the library;

2) to receive advice on the search and selection of information sources;

3) to use the data of the electronic catalog of educational Institutions of this region, internet services and other information services, if the library has necessary electronic equipment.

  1. Readers are required:

1) to show a library card and put a signature in each edition of a book or in a reader’s a library card to take books from the library;

2) to take care of the books and other printed materials and other library properties;

3) to return the received books to the library on time.

  1. The reader is not allowed:

1) to visit the library in street clothes;

2) to enter the reading rooms with bags;

3) to break the silence and order in the library;

4) to carry out the book from the library without registration;

5) to damage the library editions (to mark in them to emphasize smth, tear sheets, bent backs, etc.);

6) to remove the card from the card files and the catalogs;

7) to enter the librarian’s placement and the stacks without permission.

Rights and duties of the library

  1. The library serves readers in accordance with the Regulations of the Library organization of higher education and the Library Rules.
  2. The Library has the right to:

1) continuously monitor the return of library books;

2) to apply penalties to the reader, violates the Library Rules (to give to the restoration of dilapidated editions);

3 ) to recover from the readers of the real market value of lost or damaged edition, and in the case of persistent refusal to compensate the lost or damaged edition to contact the notary authorities to recover the place of work of the reader or the parent of the real market value in the amount of 5 multiplying.

  1. The library is obliged to:

1) to provide readers the opportunity to use all the funds of the library;

2) to create and maintain the conditions necessary for the library readers;

3) to inform the readers about all kinds of services;

4) to promote the collections and provided services;

5) to examine and more fully meet the needs of readers.

6 ) to improve library and information services and the promotion of books, using for this purpose various forms of individual and mass work with readers, as well as introducing the computerization  and advanced technology;

7) to improve reading culture, bibliographic literacy of the readers by oral consultations, discussions on the basics of bibliographic knowledge;

8) to maintain records, storage and use are in the fund of publications in accordance with the established rules;

9) to be responsible for the safety of their funds, which are a part of the national cultural heritage: to monitor the timely return of library books checked out, to make the next issue of the reader of books at home only after receiving a previously issued books, the period of use has expired;

10) after the expiration of the period of use of books to inform the reader about the need to return them to the library at a certain date. If books are not returned to the library at this time, the library warns the reader about their refund or replacement for a specified time for an equivalent edition.The request shall contain a warning that in case of no return with the reader will be recovered on an uncontested basis the cost of the edition  in the amount of 5 multiplying.