Madenova Albina Adilhankyzy

Madenova Albina Adilhankyzy (specialty: “Jurisprudence”, course 3): In the Eurasian Humanities Institute I studied on the program of academic mobility in the second half of the 2017/2018 academic year having arrived from the Aktyubinsky industrial state university named after K. Zhubanov. In the Eurasian Humanities Institute there were created all the conditions for training and all-round development of the students according to modern requirements. During the short time spent in EAGI I got convinced of the high professional quality of the teachers and the whole teaching staff of EAGI, I’d like to mark specially the fact that the Institute teachers did their utmost in their work, they had an individual approach to each student motivating us for high achievements and right directions.

The above-set reasons served the decision to get transferred to study in EAGI. At present I am a student of the Eurasian Humanities Institute, a third-year student of specialty “Jurisprudence”. I am sure that studying in EAGI does not only give opportunities for development but also will help me to achieve high results in my future career.