Question to Rector

Question: Good afternoon. My name is Madina, I am a student of the 2-nd course. I want to know how I can be protected from being infected with coronavirus.

Reply: Good afternoon, Madina. The best protection is vaccination. Today in Kazakhstan there is vaccination against covid with the use of the following vaccine: domestic drug – QazCovid-In, Гам-КОВИД-Вак («Sputnik V»), produced in Russia. They give immunity to disease. For being prevented from infection observe the following rules: get rid of crowded places; shorten contacts; wear a mask; use antiseptics containing 70% of spirit; wash your hands after visiting public places and do not touch your face with your hand; wipe smartphones with alcohol wipes, wash vegetables and fruits under hot water. To reduce the risk of infection we recommend to lead a healthy lifestyle. Play sports, eat products rich with protein, vitamins and minerals and do not forget about full sleep.