Question to Rector

Question: Hello! Can I pass the CTA if the graduate doesn’t get passing points on UNT (43 points). If I can’t, what should I do? Or I can study for a fee? If it could be, what the price for the faculties for the year? Thank you.

Answer Dear Marat Begalin,

You have the opportunity to take the re-integration testing this year. Deadline for submission of documents is from 1 till 8 August. Re-integration testing will be held from 19 till 24 August. In the case of getting of passing scores (50 points for four subjects: state language or Russian, history of Kazakhstan, math and subject of choice, including not less than 7 points in a profile subject, and in other subjects – at least 4 points) you can apply an application for admission to our university on a fee basis. The cost of studying on specialties will be set after the publication of Decision of the Republic of Kazakhstan on approval of the state educational order for training specialists with higher education in the coming school year. More information can be found in the selection committee of Institute +7 (7172) 56-22-00 или +7 (702) 590-82-08.